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What Should You Look for When Hiring a Portland Oregon Property Manager?

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What Should You Look for When Hiring a Portland Oregon Property Manager?

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Do you own rental properties in the PDX area? If so, after managing those properties for yourself for a while, you most likely will start thinking about hiring a Portland Oregon Property Manager because, a manager will save you the time, money and hassle of managing those properties yourself.

If you’ve never hired a property manager before we can understand that hiring someone to manage your properties for you may be something that you’re wary of at first but we can assure you that it’s the best moves you can make and it will be money well spent.

Here’s what you should look for in a property manager before you hire them.


Before hiring someone to manage your rental properties in Portland Oregon you should first verify their level of experience because many companies have started in the property management field in recent years but few companies have the level of experience to professionally manage a portfolio of investment properties.


Besides the tips mentioned in this article, one great way to verify that a Portland Oregon Property Manager is experienced or not is to view their client feedback online. This can be done by viewing their social media profiles and looking for feedback for their business on websites like Google My Business or

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Always verify a property management company’s pricing before you hire them and make sure that they will only take their fees when the rent has been collected, not before it’s collected because there are some unscrupulous companies out there who will collect their fees regardless if they collect the rent for their clients or not.


Another important thing to do before hiring a Portland Oregon Property Manager area is to verify their team. You want to make sure that they have people for maintenance, customer service, and accounting because hiring a team will ensure that you receive the very best service possible.

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