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Oregon Rent Control Update – Learn More About What’s Happening

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Oregon Rent Control Update – Learn More About What’s Happening

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After California’s failure to pass Proposition 10, their rent control measure, it appears that the State of Oregon is close to passing it’s own rent control legislation that would protect tenants in Oregon from continued rent increases like what we’ve seen over the last five years. 

What To Expect From Rent Control In Oregon

Oregon rent increases could be capped at 7 percent, plus inflation, under landmark tenant legislation to be considered this session by the Legislature.

A document obtained by WW, which includes concepts for the legislation, also contains what may be a more significant provision: Banning no-cause eviction notices after the first year a tenant lives in a unit.

The bill, which will introduced in the Oregon Senate, is sponsored by Majority Leader Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) and Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham),”[Senate President] Peter Courtney intends to sign on,” says Rick Osborn, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats. “It shows a strong commitment from Senate leadership to this.”

The fact the bill will start in the Senate and has leadership support is significant, because two years ago a tenant protection bill passed the state House of Representatives but died in the Senate without a vote.

WW reported earlier this week that Oregon could become the only state in the country to limit the amount landlords could raise rents. The document shows that leadership has landed on a number at which to cap rent hikes.

Supported By Landlord And Tenant Groups

Thankfully, unlike the failed Proposition 10 in California, rent control in Oregon appears to have widespread support among tenants and landlord groups so there’s hope that we could see the passage of rent control in the state of Oregon this year.

A coalition of tenant groups, the Stable Homes for Oregon Families, is also supportive.

“Oregon’s lack of tenant protections are devastating children and families,” Felisa Hagins, political director of SEIU Local 49, in a statement for the coalition. “Our coalition-over 70 plus organizations strong, representing tenants, landlords, housing advocates, labor unions, education and health professionals, and businesses-supports the protections outlined in this bill. While we haven’t the full bill text, we’re supportive of the policy outline we’ve seen. Tenants deserve at least this level of protections.


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