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What Are The Top Traits To Look For In A Good Tenant?

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What Are The Top Traits To Look For In A Good Tenant?


Owning rental properties is an excellent way to build wealth while establishing monthly cash flow but the reality is that the first step that every landlord has to take is screening and placing tenants in their Portland Oregon rental properties.

The big question is what are the top traits that a landlord should be looking for in a good tenant?

In this article, we will answer this question, and we’re going to provide you with specific traits that landlords should be looking for when screening tenants.

Trait #1 – Good Tenants Pay Their Bills On Time And Are Not Behind

One of the first traits to be looking for in a good tenant is someone who pays their bills on time and is not behind on their payments or financial commitments.

This tip is vital to a landlord’s long-term financial success with a tenant because the reality is if a tenant is behind on their bills, they are going to one day be behind on their rent payments to their landlord.

Thankfully, a landlord can confirm a prospective tenant’s payment history by view their credit report and contacting their former landlords to learn more about the character of the tenant before renting to them.

Trait #2 – They Don’t Make A Lot Of Demands

Having a tenant is great because you know that their rent payment is going to pay your mortgage and other expenses that the property has every month.

Choosing a tenant who doesn’t make a lot of demands is one of the keys to the success of being a landlord because a tenant who is constantly making demands may ultimately cost the landlord a lot of time, money, and hassle.

Even though most people can say what they want on a rental application, the best way to learn more about a tenant is to talk with their former landlords. This will help a landlord to know if the tenant will be someone who will constantly be making demands of the landlord regularly.

Trait #3 – They Are Personally, Professionally, And Financially Stable

Last of all, but most important, another thing to look for when screening tenants is someone who is personally, professionally, and financially stable.

Finding a tenant who shows that they are stable is important because this also means that they can be trusted to pay their rent on time each month and they will be someone who can be trusted to care for the rental property like it’s their own home.

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