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Budget-Friendly Upgrades That You Can Make To Upgrade Your Portland Oregon Rental Property

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Budget-Friendly Upgrades That You Can Make To Upgrade Your Portland Oregon Rental Property

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Are you planning on updating your Portland Oregon Rental Property in 2021 but budget is an issue?

Even though you may have made expensive renovations to your property in the past, the reality is that updating a rental property in 2021 doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you follow these tips.

Tip #1 – Refresh The Kitchen

Since the kitchen in your rental property is an area where your tenants are going to spend a lot of time, you should invest in updating this area to make it as comfortable as possible.

Start by resurfacing the existing cabinetry and updating the cabinet hardware. These are inexpensive improvements that you can easily take care of yourself in as little as one weekend.

While updating your kitchen, you should focus on adding a backsplash, adding a new light fixture, and changing out the flooring for a new durable linoleum.

Tip #2 – Paint

Fresh paint will do wonders at updating a dull rental property and making it look fresh.

Instead of choosing just white for every wall, choose neutral colors for each room so that you a set one room apart from the next and make your rental property feel unique to potential tenants.

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Tip #3 – New Flooring

Changing out the flooring is important, especially if you have carpeting or older linoleum because it’s the one part of your rental property that wears out quickly.

Focus on choosing durable linoleum for the entire property or wood planking because this will add a modern look to your property while also being easy to clean.

Tip #4 – Update The Bathrooms

Besides the kitchen, your tenants will also spend a lot of time in the bathroom of your rental property as well.

If your rental has more than one bathroom, your goal should be to focus on making budget-friendly upgrades that also add value like new paint, changing the light fixtures, replacing outdated toilets, resurfacing cabinets, and refinishing bathtub/shower combos (if needed).

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