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Best Smart Home Tech For Single-Family Rental Properties

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Best Smart Home Tech For Single-Family Rental Properties

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2022 is going to be another great year for owning single-family rental properties in Portland, and across the United States because SFR rentals continue to remain a hot commodity that investors can earn consistent cash flow from every month.

If you’re thinking about making improvements to your single-family rental properties, you should make smart home improvements because smart home technology offers the most value for your investment.

In this article, we will cover some of the best smart home improvements that you should make to your single-family rental properties.

Smart Thermostat

One of the best smart home improvements that you can make to your Portland single-family rental property is adding a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats are inexpensive these days and enable the tenant to change the temperature of the rental property from their smartphones along with controlling their energy costs.

Touchless Faucets

Since the start of the pandemic, more people have been interested in touchless faucets than ever before because of the obvious reason that there’s nothing more ideal than being able to use a faucet without having to physically touch it.

Smart Appliances

From washers/dryers to refrigerators, there are a wide variety of smart appliances in today’s world that connect with smartphones, run by voice commands, and enable a home to run more efficiently.

Lighting And Electrical

Besides the smart home technology mentioned in this article, some of the other things that you should do to equip your Portland single-family rental property include investing in smart light bulbs and electrical outlets that your tenants can use to connect their devices too.

By making your PDX rental property as ‘smart’ as possible, you’re going to attract tenants who want a 21st-century rental property that’s as tech-friendly as possible.

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