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Winter Property Maintenance – How To Remove Mold From A Rental Property

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Winter Property Maintenance – How To Remove Mold From A Rental Property


During the process of owning rental properties in Portland, or the surrounding area, you know that winters in the area can be cold, and mold easily grows easily.

Sadly, most tenants reach out to the landlord expecting them to clean it for them.The reality is that most mold that’s found inside a rental property is easy to clean, and a tenant can do it themselves if they know what to look for.

In this article, we’ll provide you with several tips that you can use to easily remove mold from any rental property.

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What Does Mold Look Like?

When it’s found growing in a rental property will either be black, white or blue.

Black fungus is typically the most common fungus that’s found in homes across the United States and its due to excessive moisture accumulation inside the property.

A typical rental property will accumulate a lot of moisture during the winter months because the average tenant keeps their rental closed up tight in order to keep the heat within their property, and save money on energy costs.

Even though the tenant has good intentions, the reality is that keeping sunlight out of their rental property, and turning off fans off creates an excellent breeding ground for fungus to grow.

How To Remove Mold

Depending upon the extent of the mold-fungus growth, it’s likely that the fungusthat’s found in a rental property can easily be wiped away using a combination of bleach, baking soda and vinegar.

Once the fungi is wiped away, the area where the fungus was growing should be properly ventilated and, the tenant should continue to keep their property ventilated during the winter months simply by turning on a ceiling fan or an oscillating fan inside the property while they’re away.

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