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Should You Let Your Tenants Make Improvements To Your Rental Properties?

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Should You Let Your Tenants Make Improvements To Your Rental Properties?


One of the best ways to keep tenants happy is to let them make improvements to your rentals because this helps tenants to personalize the rental property and make it their home.

Before allowing your tenants to make changes to your rental property, it’s best to make sure that you consider the following tips.


Tip #1- Make Sure Your Lease Is Clear On Which Improvements Are Acceptable

The first thing to do before letting your tenants make improvements to their rental properties is to make sure that your lease clearly states which improvements are acceptable.

Having clear language in your lease about the improvements that they can make is one of the keys to success with being a landlord because you can always direct them back to the lease first before having long conversations about what they can or can’t do at the rental property.

Tip #2 – Understanding Repairs Vs. Improvements

If your tenants still have questions about acceptable improvements after they read your lease, make sure that they also have a clear understanding of the difference between repairs and improvements.

Repairs are one-time fixes like plumbing, electrical, broken door hinges, or appliances. These are all habitability issues while improvements are anything that will extend the life of the property and even improve the value of the property as well.

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Tip #3 – Determining Who Will Pay For It

Another thing to keep in mind when speaking with a tenant about Oregon improvements to your property is to make sure that they understand that they will responsible for paying for the materials necessary for making the improvements to your property.

Before giving your tenant the okay on the improvements, it’s best to find out who is going to be performing the work on the property. In the end, it may be best for you to pay for the improvements yourself especially if the work that your tenant’s contractor performs ultimately lowers the value of your property.

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