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What To Ask A Prospective Tenants Rental References

Property Management and Tenant Placement

What To Ask A Prospective Tenants Rental References


Tenant screening is one of the keys to success in owning rental properties in Portland Oregon, or elsewhere nationwide.

Even though most landlords know it’s important, few landlords know what questions they should be asking a prospective tenants rental references during the tenant screening process.

Thankfully, tenant screening doesn’t have to be difficult especially when landlords ask the following questions.

Was Rent Paid On Time, And In Full?

The first question that every landlord should want to be answered during the tenant screening process is if rent payments were paid on time, and in full.

Timely rental payments are essential to landlords, especially in the COVID-19 era, when many tenants can’t pay on time.

Asking this question will show landlords how responsible their prospective tenant is and provide them with peace of mind that their tenant will be paying the rent on time without any hassle.

How Did The Tenant Maintain The Rental Property?

Another important question to ask is about how the tenant maintained the Oregon rental property.

Did the tenant meet their obligations to keep the property maintained? Or did it need extensive work to get it back in rent-ready condition after the tenant moved out?

What Was The Monthly Rent?

Knowing the monthly rent that the tenant paid at their previous rental property is also important because this will offer landlords insight into the tenant’s financial situation, especially if the previous rent was lower and they were unable to pay it on time on more than one occasion.

Did The Tenant Communicate With You Successfully?

Last of all, but most important, communication is an essential part of the landlord-tenant relationship and every landlord should want to know how the tenant communicated with their previous landlord.

Did they communicate successfully during their entire lease? Or did the landlord have difficulty communicating with the tenant, especially when repairs were needed at the rental property?

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