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Portland News – Job Growth Was Among The Fastest In The Nation Last Year

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Portland News – Job Growth Was Among The Fastest In The Nation Last Year


Planning on moving to Portland Oregon? Thanks to a recent report, we know that job growth in the PDX area last year was among the fastest in the nation.

Much of the job growth gains were due to employers rehiring the same people that they laid off due to COVID, but the reality is that those job gains are exciting for the Portland area because those gains also mean that our local industries are being served.

Portland Still Has A Worker Shortage

Even though we have good news about job growth in the Portland area, the reality is that the PDX area is still dealing with a worker shortage and there currently are hundreds of vacant positions that need to be filled.

The worker shortage is constraining job growth, obviously, and Kaylor said it will ultimately take a toll on the broader economy.

In past booms, Portland has been rescued by smart, young migrants who moved here to capitalize on a hot job market and the city’s reputation for good food, outdoor activities, fun, and general “livability.”

It’s not clear whether the bruising Portland took in 2020, and soaring housing costs in 2021, have tarnished the region’s reputation. But the length of Portland’s economic recovery may depend on the region’s ability to regain its magnetic appeal.


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