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Property Management and Tenant Placement

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The Future of Residential Rental Properties: A Closer Look at the Market’s Viability

The commercial rental market has seen a steep decline since Covid-19 and the big question that investors want to know is are we going to see a decline in residential rental properties as well? This is an understandable question to ask because investors are nervous about having their residential rental properties sitting vacant in cities…
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Senate Bill 611

Understanding Senate Bill 611 And How It Affects Rental Market

The Portland rental market has seen significant changes with the implementation of Senate Bill 611 (SB 611). This bill, signed into law by Governor Tina Kotek on July 6, 2023, introduces key modifications to how the maximum allowable annual rent increases are determined for residential tenancies. In this article, we will delve into the important…
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Helpful Tips for Accidental Landlords

With an aging Baby Boomer population, more family members than ever before are becoming accidental landlords. An accidental landlord is anyone who unintentionally became the owner of rental property, and they are not sure how to proceed. Thankfully, being an accidental landlord is not the end of the world, it’s quite easy to learn what…
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What Disclosures Should Tenants Receive Before Moving Into A Rental Property?

When it comes to owning rental property in Oregon, or elsewhere nationwide, landlords must provide their tenants with disclosures before they move into their rental property. Disclosures are important because the tenant must know everything that there is to know about the property, including if the rental may have been constructed or decorated with materials…
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Oregon Rental Market Update – Legislature Approves New Rent Assistance And Eviction Protections

With the end of the year around the corner, the Oregon legislature recently approved $215 million in funding to extend protections for Oregon renters who are facing eviction. The funding comes at the right time as renters in Portland and across the state have been waiting for the state to deliver more funding since the…
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Oregon Rent Increases Are Capped At 9.9% For 2022

The Oregon rental market has been this hard during the COVID-19 pandemic so it’s no surprise that rent increases are coming to Oregon in 2022. Thanks to recent news from state economists, we know that rents are going to be increasing by 9.9% in 2022 and this will be just in time for many landlords…
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Lawmakers In Oregon Approve 60-Day Eviction Delay But Tenants Must Seek Rental Assistance First

Tenants facing eviction in Portland, and across Oregon, who have been struggling with paying rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic were recently given a 60-day eviction delay but they must apply for rental assistance and notify their landlords first. The 60-day eviction delay is not surprising considering that most states are dealing with the same…
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Portland Oregon Renter News – Multifamily Renters Have Lots Of Options This Summer

Coronavirus has caught the rental market off guard nationwide but the good news is that for the Portland Oregon Renter, there are lots of opportunities to find well-priced rentals with plenty of move-in incentives. In this article, we will break down some of the latest news that Portland multifamily Renters need to know about what’s…
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It’s Time to Turn Your Airbnb Into A Long-Term Rental Property

Has your Airbnb or short term Portland Oregon rental property been sitting vacant since the start of Coronavirus (COVID-19)? if so, you’re not alone! Even though short-term rental properties have been a consistent moneymaker across the United States for the last five years, since the onset of coronavirus across the United States, most investors who…
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Average Rent for Portland Oregon Is $1,337 Per Month For 2 Bedroom Unit

Are you planning on renting a two-bedroom apartment in the PDX area? Right now, the average rent in Portland Oregon for a 2-bedroom apartment or home is $1,337 per month. The good news for PDX renters is that year-over-year rents have remained “flat” with just 0.04% growth. This will without a doubt be highly encouraging…
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