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Lawmakers In Oregon Approve 60-Day Eviction Delay But Tenants Must Seek Rental Assistance First

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Lawmakers In Oregon Approve 60-Day Eviction Delay But Tenants Must Seek Rental Assistance First


Tenants facing eviction in Portland, and across Oregon, who have been struggling with paying rent due to the COVID-19 pandemic were recently given a 60-day eviction delay but they must apply for rental assistance and notify their landlords first.

The 60-day eviction delay is not surprising considering that most states are dealing with the same reality of the end of their eviction moratoriums and the possibility that many tenants will not be able to pay rent.

Approved with a 26-3 vote by the Oregon Senate, the unanimously approved legislation shows that lawmakers in Oregon recognize the urgency of coming up with solutions to stop a potential ‘tidal wave’ of evictions from occurring.


CDC Eviction Moratorium Also Extended For 30 Days

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the CDC Eviction moratorium was also recently extended for 30 days and it’s set to expire on July 31st.

Thankfully, tenants in Oregon have a small window of time to prepare for paying rent like they did before COVID-19 but will the ‘safe harbor’ policy that was approved by Governor Brown be enough time to help them get back on track?

“None of us want to go back home when this session ends and see families and children being evicted because they are unable to come up with the money,” said Sen. Kayse Jama, D-Portland, who carried the bill.

Lawmakers previously gave Oregon renters until Feb. 28, 2022, to repay overdue rent accumulated between April 2020 and this month, averting massive bills for past-due rent July 1.


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