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Portland Oregon Renter News – Multifamily Renters Have Lots Of Options This Summer

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Portland Oregon Renter News – Multifamily Renters Have Lots Of Options This Summer

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Coronavirus has caught the rental market off guard nationwide but the good news is that for the Portland Oregon Renter, there are lots of opportunities to find well-priced rentals with plenty of move-in incentives.

In this article, we will break down some of the latest news that Portland multifamily Renters need to know about what’s happening in the local rental market during summer 2020.

How Coronavirus Fallout Has Benefited Portland Oregon Renters

With Oregon’s unemployment rate currently at 14.2%, higher than the Great Depression-era level of 13.3%, it’s easy to see how landlords would be concerned about Oregon’s rental market and what it’s going to look like in 3-6 months.

The uneasiness about the rental market has led some companies to offer prospective multifamily tenants a variety of move-in incentives that have never been seen before and we may not see again.

Broadstone Reveal

Location – 1411 NW Quimby Street

This Portland Oregon apartment building is offering prospective tenants 8 weeks free rent and up to a $1,000 gift card if they can move into one of Broadstone’s units within 45 days.

Grand Belmont

Location – 514 SE Belmont Street

Offering prospective tenants eight weeks free.

Harrison Tower

Location – 222 SW Harrison Street

This location is offering would-be tenants a $100 security deposit, no pet fees, and zero application fees, this amounts to up to $1,200 in deductions.

Gyms And Other Amenities May Eliminated For Now

For tenants who live in multifamily properties in the PDX area, amenities like health clubs, gyms, swimming pools, and spas have always been amenities that they’ve looked forward to.

In a rental market that’s been affected by Coronavirus, most buildings are shutting down common amenities like gyms, pools, and spas in favor of social distancing in favor of emphasizing private spaces like balconies and other outdoor spaces that a building may offer.

Other buildings that offer stairs and exterior corridors are also finding appeal among renters who are eager to practice social distancing and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Better Wi-Fi And Easy To Clean Surfaces Are Also In Demand

Since many PDX renters have been working from home during the Pandemic, having great Wi-Fi has been something that’s been in demand as we as surfaces that are easy to clean.

Some landlords have been upgrading their Portland rental properties with surfaces made from antimicrobial materials and easy to clean surfaces like polished concrete. Other landlords have been installing fixtures like touch-less faucets, motion-sensor lights, and voice-controlled appliances to attract tech-savvy tenants who also want to do their part to avoid Coronavirus.

Will gyms, pools, clubhouses, and other time-tested multifamily amenities become a thing of the past? In the future, those things will most likely be commonplace once again. For now, multifamily tenants will have to adapt to the “new normal” while enjoying the efforts of multifamily properties in the area to win their business.

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