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Portland Oregon Real Estate Investing Vs. Stocks – Which Investment Is Better?

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Portland Oregon Real Estate Investing Vs. Stocks – Which Investment Is Better?

Over the years many investors have wondered if Portland Oregon Real Estate investing was better than stocks and the answer still yes.

Real estate investing still wins out over stocks in 2019-202 because as a real estate investor you have more control over your investment and don’t have to worry about it being subject to the market crashing or the shape of the global grade market.

If you’re still on the fence about Portland Real Estate Investment and are wondering if it’s the right move for you to make, this article will provide you with more reasons why you should purchase your first PDX investment property.

Portland Oregon Real Estate Investing

Reasons Why You Should Choose Portland Real Estate Investing

The first reason to get started with investing in Portland real estate is you make the decision for choosing where you buy an investment property.

This is a HUGE benefit because if you’ve followed Portland Real Estate Market News, you know that some areas in Portland are doing better than others. The knowledge that you have as an investor from the Oregon housing market forecast 2019, or other resources, will enable you to invest in the right rental property that will produce the most ROI.

You’re in Control for How Much You Spend on A Real Estate Investment

Unlike stocks, which have their own set prices, with Real Estate investments, you’re in control of how much you’re spending on your investment and you’re able to get started as an investor by paying the amount of money that you want to pay for a rental property.

How Much Debt You Get Into, Is Up to You

Besides choosing how much money that you spend on Portland Oregon Real Estate investing, another reason to consider investing in rental properties right now is you also have control over how much debt you choose to get into with the investment that you make.

You’re in Control of The Renovations That You Make

Another reason to invest in a Portland Oregon rental property is you’re also in control of the renovations that you’re going to make to your investment property in the Portland Oregon real estate market 2019.

This is another advantage over stocks because having this control also means that you can directly impact your return on investment by choosing renovations that your tenants are doing to love.

Choosing Tenants Is Up to You

We’ve covered a lot of reasons why you should invest in Portland Oregon Rental Properties but another important reason to consider is the fact that you also get to choose who your tenants are going to be.

This is another awesome advantage and a huge level of control because you can have the assurance that the most qualified tenants will be living in your investment property when you do a background check on prospective tenants or hire a Portland Oregon Property Manager to do that work for you.

Portland Oregon Real Estate Investor

Don’t Want to Self-Manage Your Rentals? You Can Also Choose A Property Manager

Yes, it’s true that you’re going to enjoy a lot of control as the owner but another reason to consider investing in a rental property in Portland is that you also get to choose your own property manager.

Hiring a property manager is essential if you want to enjoy passive income from your property because a manager will save you the time, money and hassle of having to manage your property, yourself.

At Rent Portland Homes Professionals, we can offer you a wide variety of property management services ranking from tenant screening, tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance to customer service so that every aspect of your investment property is handled for you from start to finish.

People who read the Portland  and Beaverton Real Estate Market News, or Portland real estate market June 2019 also, choose us because they like the fact that we offer a hands-on approach to property management and do everything possible to keep our clients updated about what’s happening with their rentals.

As our clients can expect to always have the latest information what your rental property including local market news like Portland housing market forecast 2019 or Portland housing market forecast 2020, just so that you always have the most relevant details about your properties available at your fingertips.

What’s even better about choosing us to manage your rental for you is that we also offer you the first month for free so that you can “test drive’ our service without spending any money out of pocket.

You Also Control Who Your Contractors Will Be

Last of all, another important reason to choose Portland Oregon Real Estate investing is you also get to choose who your contractor will be if your investment property needs improvements for the Portland real estate market 2020. Knowing this will also give you another level of confidence as an investment property owner because you will have complete control over everyone who works on your rental property.

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Best Upgrades for Rental Property to Increase Rent

  1. Upgrade Plumbing Fixtures

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures like faucets, sinks, and sprayers can get old and dingy very quickly, not to mention looking out of date. For fixtures that are around 10 years old, no matter what condition, landlords should consider changing them out.
A shiny chrome finish is currently associated with standard grade, so moving up to more refined finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel will boost the look of the rental property. Whatever landlords choose, they should make sure that all the fixtures are the same to bring harmony and unity to the home’s décor.

  1. Install Better Counter tops

The lowest quality counter tops are the plastic laminate ones that don’t stay nice for long as they are subject to discoloration from liquids and burns. Over time, laminate counter tops just don’t hold up.
Installing counter tops made of granite, slate, quartz, or another solid surface material will boost the look of any kitchen and bathroom. Stone alternatives for counter tops include acrylic/polyester composites, ceramic tile, and stained concrete that are durable and beautiful.

  1. Replace the Floor

Putting in a new floor in certain areas or throughout the rental property is an excellent way to boost property values. Replacing standard grade carpet and linoleum with higher-end material like laminate, tile, stone or even hardwood will not only add value, but it will make caring, cleaning and repairing the floor so much easier for tenants and landlords.

  1. Increase Storage

Storage is one of the top priorities for renters, so landlords can really make their property shine by increasing the storage options. Some small and simple ideas for boosting storage include adding hooks to key areas like entryways and bathrooms, installing closet organizing systems, and adding additional shelving in a pantry.
More involved storage upgrades include installing permanent shelving in the garage, creating built-in shelves or in-wall storage, framing in a new closet and adding a shed on the property.

  1. Newer, Better Windows

Depending on the age of the rental property, it may be time to install new windows. Not only do windows contribute to keeping a property light and bright, but they are a critical part of keeping heat and cold at bay.
Landlords should consider upgrading to double pane windows to provide better insulation and to muffle outside sounds. Other upgrade options include windows with blinds inside the panes or insulated windows.

  1. Put a Good Roof Over Their Heads

When a roof reaches approximately fifteen years old, it’s time to get it replaced. Neglecting the roof can lead to serious damage in severe weather. Landlords should have a roofing inspector check out the roof regularly and make arrangements to replace it on their recommendation.
A quality roof not only looks good but protects the investment beneath it.

  1. Miscellaneous Upgrades

There are all kinds of unique upgrades that landlords can do to the rental property that will boost the value. Ideas include installing tankless water heaters, surround sound systems, hard landscaping, siding, and even adding some square footage, like an additional bedroom or bathroom.

Of course, minor and major kitchen and bathroom remodeling has been revealed as the best way to boost property values.
If landlords are going to be spending money on improving their rental property to attract higher quality tenants and boost property values, it’s important to focus on the right things. A fancy kitchen won’t do much if the roof is leaking or the basement has mold.

Landlords should always start by taking care of the basics and then tackle the more cosmetic improvements down the road.
Landlords should also avoid doing too much with the upgrades and over-improve. Putting in the top of the line flooring material, for example, isn’t a wise idea in a rental where the landlord has little control over how tenants will treat the home.

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