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What Is Xeriscaping? Should You Consider It For Your Rental Property?

If you own rental properties in Portland Oregon, you may be considering Xeriscaping for your properties because, with more than 90% of Oregon in a drought, it makes sense to consider landscaping that requires little water. If you’re still ‘on the fence’ about Xeriscaping, this article will offer you some insight into why you should…
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What Are The Top Responsibilities That Landlords Have In 2021?

Are you planning on investing in a multi-family property in 2021? If so, purchasing that property is only the first step as a landlord because, if you plan on managing the property yourself, you’re going to have a wide variety of landlord responsibilities or “expectations” that you must fulfill in the eyes of your tenants,…
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Portland Oregon Real Estate Investing Vs. Stocks – Which Investment Is Better?

Over the years many investors have wondered if Portland Oregon Real Estate investing was better than stocks and the answer still yes. Real estate investing still wins out over stocks in 2019-202 because as a real estate investor you have more control over your investment and don’t have to worry about it being subject to…
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Should You Change The Locks After A Tenant Moves Out?

One question that many owners have is if they should change the locks on their rental properties after their tenants move out. The answer to this question is yes! The locks should always be changed after a tenant moves out because you just don’t know who had access to the keys to the rental property…
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