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Pest Infestation – What Are A Tenants Rights?

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Pest Infestation – What Are A Tenants Rights?


Did you just start renting a Portland Oregon rental property only to find out that your rental is infested with pests?

This is not uncommon and it’s something that many tenants have to deal with every year, even after they just move into their rental properties.

Thankfully, understanding how to deal with pest infestation is the key to success with resolving this issue in a non-confrontational manner, that’s why in this post, we offer you a step-by-step process of how to deal with pest infestation.

Tips For Dealing With Pest Infestation

  • Know your rights – It’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that the property is pest free from the very beginning.
  • Notify the landlord in writing – Regardless if you just moved into the property, or have been living there for years, notify the landlord in writing and make your request know that you want them to resolve the pest issue.
  • Keep your property neat and clean – If the increase in pests in your rental are the result of your actions or activities, it’s best to focus on cleaning up your rental home because the landlord could have cause to show that the pest infestation is the result of your actions.
  • Ask the landlord to resolve the pest issue – Let’s say that you determine that the increase in pests is not your fault, in this case you should contact your landlord and ask them to hire an exterminator to resolve the pest problem.

Can You Deduct Rent To Pay For An Exterminator Yourself?

What happens if you’ve contacted your landlord about hiring a pest control company and they don’t respond?

You can deduct up to $300 from the rent to pay for the extermination, but first you must tell your landlord in writing.

You CANNOT legally deduct for repairs without telling your landlord in writing first. o If you decide to deduct the cost from the rent, you should fill out and send Form A (included in this packet). You also must give your landlord a receipt for any amount that you plan to deduct from the rent. You should include proof of why you are not responsible for the infestation. This could include statements from other tenants or photos of the infestation in the common areas.


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