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Passive Vs. Active Real Estate Investing – What’s The Difference?

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Passive Vs. Active Real Estate Investing – What’s The Difference?

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Real Estate investing continues to be one of the best investments in the 2020s because properties continue to appreciate due to increased demand for rentals, and one of the most important things to do when investing in rental real estate is to know the difference between active vs. passive real estate investing.

If you’re new to real estate, this article will break down passive vs. active investing.

Understanding Active Real Estate Investing

Active investing is anything that requires the investor to work.

A good example of active real deals includes flips, renovations, wholesaling, and self-property management.

Any project that requires more than 12 hours per month of your time can be defined as an active investment.

Most investors stay involved in active real estate investing for years, while others realize that the road to wealth creation in real estate investing lies in passive investing.

Passive Real Estate Investing Examples

In today’s world, there are more passive investment opportunities than ever before.

As an investor, you can get started with investing in mortgage notes, REITs, crowd-funded deals, and owning rental property.

Rentals are more in demand than ever before in the 2020s thanks to a growing economy, and high home prices which have made homeownership unaffordable for some buyers.

The good news about rental properties is that you don’t have to manage them yourself when you hire a Oregon property management company like Rent Portland Homes – Professionals.

Founded by Fred Marlow Sr, our company specializes in managing single-family and multifamily properties in the PDX area so owners can enjoy passive income from those rentals.

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