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Long Term Guests Vs Tenants – What’s The Difference?

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Long Term Guests Vs Tenants – What’s The Difference?


The rental market is constantly changing, especially since COVID-19, and the average tenant is welcoming family members, relatives, or close friends to stay with them in their rental properties.

Everyone wants to help out a loved one or friend who may be in need but when someone stays in a rental property for longer than the landlord’s approved timeframe, they can technically be considered to be a tenant.


How Long Can Guests Stay With A Tenant?

Most landlords nationwide have a ‘benchmark’ timeframe of 10-14 days that they allow guests to stay with their tenants.

Once the guest has stayed for 15 days, they should be considered to be a tenant and the tenant should contact the landlord about adding them to the lease.

If a renter doesn’t do their part to inform their landlord about their long-term guest, the landlord could be held liable should they injure themselves at the rental property.

It’s also important to note that a long-term guest can stake a claim to the rental property and refuse to leave even if they are not on the lease.

What To Do If A Renter Expects To Have Frequent Long-Term Guests

Let’s say that an Oregon tenant has family who lives overseas and they expect to have visits from their family periodically during the year.

In this case, the tenant should inform the landlord of their expectations so that the landlord can add an amendment to the lease which specifically states that the tenant will be having long-term guests during the year that won’t stay for more than 10-14 days at a time.

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