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Long Term Guests Vs Tenants – What’s The Difference?

The rental market is constantly changing, especially since COVID-19, and the average tenant is welcoming family members, relatives, or close friends to stay with them in their rental properties. Everyone wants to help out a loved one or friend who may be in need but when someone stays in a rental property for longer than…
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Is Oregon Poised For An Eviction Crisis When The Eviction Moratorium Ends?

Oregon’s Statewide eviction moratorium comes to an end on July 1st, 2021 but the big question is could be see another eviction crisis in the state once it ends?  The answer to this question is yes and no. The good news is that thanks to Federal Relief money that’s been available since May, thousands of…
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Portland Oregon Property Management Tips – Problems To Avoid When Investing In Rental Properties

Are you planning on buying rental property in the Portland Oregon area? As the top Portland Oregon property management company, we can tell you that there are a wide variety of problems that you want to avoid when purchasing a new rental property. In this article, we’ll break down several of those problems, and provide…
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