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Long Term Guests Vs Tenants – What’s The Difference?

The rental market is constantly changing, especially since COVID-19, and the average tenant is welcoming family members, relatives, or close friends to stay with them in their rental properties. Everyone wants to help out a loved one or friend who may be in need but when someone stays in a rental property for longer than…
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Multifamily News – More Residents Continue To Work From Home Following Pandemic

If you lived in Portland or another big city in the United States, it wasn’t uncommon for residents who lived in the city to work in the city as well. Following the pandemic, many PDX residents transitioned from working out of the office to working from home in their apartments. For multifamily owners, this presented…
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When Should You Start Thinking About Taxes?

When Should You Start Thinking About Taxes? It’s Never Too Early

Do you own rental properties in the Portland Oregon area? If so, one of the most important things that you should never do is wait until the end of the year to start thinking about taxes because taxes can be a huge burden that many landlords are unprepared to take care of when tax season…
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