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Where Are the Best Towns Close to Portland Oregon?

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Where Are the Best Towns Close to Portland Oregon?

There’s no doubt that Portland is a great place to work but in 2019 many people don’t want to live in the big city or they cannot afford to live there.

Thanks to a recent study by Commercial Café we know that the good news is that there are a variety of great cities that are 30 minutes away from Portland that offers affordable rents and a slower pace of life compared to what a renter might find in the PDX area.

Best Towns Near Portland, Oregon

Beaverton: A Well-Balanced Choice

Beaverton is the largest town on our list with more than 95,000 residents. Located just seven miles west of Portland in Washington County, Beaverton earned good scores in all of the metrics we considered. Its commuting time score is tied with West Linn’s, and its average housing cost of $328,400 is on the more affordable side of the top 10 towns. Beaverton also received 12.8 points for its schools, making it a well-balanced option overall.

Workers living in Beaverton have the option of commuting through the MAX Light Rail system, which has a station here. It is the fourth busiest light rail system in the U.S. and runs every 15 minutes, although commuting this way could take around 20 minutes longer than driving to work.

Beaverton is home to a movie theater, wineries and art galleries, and is in the vicinity of several nature parks. Investment is picking up speed here, as well. The town is set to open more affordable housing units in the near future, and mixed-use developments are also underway. Portland Community College also has facilities in Beaverton.

West Linn: Best Overall Score

West Linn in Clackamas County takes our number one spot as Portland’s best commuter town. It had both the second-fastest commute and second-best school rating. Commuting from West Linn only takes 18 minutes on average, being situated just 11 miles away from Portland down Highway 43. Quality education is also available here, as the town’s school rating earned it 25.8 out of 30 points – a number surpassed only by Lake Oswego.

House prices are what made the difference between West Linn and Lake Oswego: while West Linn’s median house price of $433,300 is above the $300,000 average of the towns we looked at; it is more affordable than the Lake Oswego housing market.

Prospective residents can also rest assured knowing that local authorities care about the towns’ green spaces. West Linn was named a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation in recognition of its efforts to preserve and manage the town’s forests. When you take into account the potential for recreational activities by the Willamette River; venues such as restaurants, wineries and alehouses; and a characteristic small-town charm, West Linn is definitely worth your consideration.

Lake Oswego: Quality at a Cost

Just four miles north of West Linn and seven miles south of Portland in Lake Oswego. The town has the best commuting time—tied with Milwaukie, OR—at only 14 minutes. It also has the best school ratings among the towns included in the study. This brought Lake Oswego full points for both commuting time and school rating.

Steep housing costs, on the other hand, dragged Lake Oswego down considerably. At $559,100, its median house price is the highest on our list, gaining the city zero points in that category. The resulting score of 70 brings the town up to the second place, cementing it as a desirable commuter town – if you can afford it.

There’s also no lack of things to do in Lake Oswego; residents can hike in the nearby Tryon Creek State Natural Area or visit the town’s country club and art galleries. A community pool is also in the works. Housing options include everything from condos and bungalows to townhouses and ranches. The town administrators even care for the education of their taxpayers, granting a free book every year to hundreds of library card holders through the Lake Oswego Reads program.

Source – Commercial Cafe

What Town Is Right for You?

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