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What to Do When Your Tenants Want to Break Their Leases

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What to Do When Your Tenants Want to Break Their Leases

Do you have a tenant who is living in your Portland Oregon rental property that’s thinking about breaking their lease? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article will provide you with several Portland property management tips on how to deal with a potential lease breaker so that you know how to move forward in dealing with this situation.

Excellent Comunication

Learn More About Why They Are Breaking Their Lease

Although it’s unpleasant to find out that a tenant is planning on breaking their lease, the reality is that people break their leases every day for a variety of reasons. Before you take action against your tenant, the biggest thing that you need to do is find out specifically “why” they have to break their lease.

Ask the right questions:

Are they going to break their lease because they are in the military? If that’s the case, members of the armed forces are legally allowed to break their leases, especially if they’ve been informed that they are going to be stationed more than 50 miles away from their current rental property.

Has your tenant been a recent victim of domestic violence? In this case, you should allow your tenant to break their lease and move away because their own personal safety could be at stake. 

Depending upon when you’re reading this article, the Portland Oregon jobs Market may be going up or down and your tenant may have to break their lease due to a recent job loss. In this situation if they inform you that the reason why they have to break their lease is due to a job loss, you can either be compassionate with them and let them out of their lease or give them the opportunity to search for another job and a plan to get their rent back on track once they start working again.

Cash for Keys in Portland

How to Move Forward with Your Tenant

Obviously, if your lease has an early termination clause in it then you’re going to be protected financially and will be able to use their deposit to mitigate damages and prepare your Portland Oregon Rental Property for your next renter.

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