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Tips for Renting to Portland Oregon College Students

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Tips for Renting to Portland Oregon College Students

Do you own Portland Oregon rental properties and are planning on renting to college students this fall? If so, you’re making a smart choice! College students are definitely segment of the rental market to rent to because they are always searching for rental properties when the fall semester begins.

In this article we will provide you with several tips for renting to college students who are looking to rent Portland homes.

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Things to Know About Renting to College Students

Just about every college student around the United States is looking for a variety of things when it comes to choosing a rental property.

The things that most college students are looking for in rental properties include the following: proximity to campus, walkability, accessibility to public transportation, things to do in the area and most important of all affordability!

Besides some of the basics that most college students are looking for in a rental property, the average Portland college student also is looking for a rental that potentially has a washer and dryer so that they can do laundry, a nice kitchen, good Wi-Fi and of course the rental property has got to be a safe place to live.

Tips for Renting to College Students

Since most Portland college students have never lived outside of their parents’ homes, some of them may be inexperienced when it comes to doing things like paying rent on time, maintaining the rental property and fulfilling that typical responsibilities of someone who lives in a home.

If you’re committed to renting to a college student, your job as a landlord should be to make things as easy as possible for them including providing them with multiple ways for them to pay their rent, sending them an email or text message reminders for rent is due and offering him lawn care or house cleaning as an additional service so that they don’t have to do those tasks themselves.

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