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What Portland Oregon Multifamily Properties Rent The Fastest?

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What Portland Oregon Multifamily Properties Rent The Fastest?

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Are you planning on investing in a Portland Oregon Multifamily Investment property but you’re also wondering which properties rent the fastest?

With our decades of experience managing Portland Oregon rental properties, we’ve found the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom multifamily properties always rent the fastest, across the board.

Why Do Two Bedroom Multifamily Properties Rent The Fastest?

One of the biggest reasons why two bed, two bath multifamily properties rent the fastest is because those properties are often highly desirable by a larger pool of tenants.

These days, it’s not just college students or single people that rent two bedroom, two bath properties, we’ve also rented them to families and single renters as well because the extra bedroom and bath gives single renters more flexibility than a one bedroom unit does.

Most Tenants Who Rent Two Bedroom, Two Bath Units Stay Between 2-3 Years

Let’s face it, vacancies are not fun when you’re a landlord because they mean that you have to market your property and screen new tenants again.

When you own a Portland Oregon Multifamily Property that has two bedroom, two bath units, you will face fewer vacancies because most tenants who rent these units often stay for about 2-3 years. Contrast this to one bedroom units where the average tenant stays for about one year and it’s easy to see that two bedroom/two bathroom units offer better ROI.

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