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Wear And Tear Vs. Damage – What To Look For After Your Tenant Moves Out

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Wear And Tear Vs. Damage – What To Look For After Your Tenant Moves Out

One common thing that every landlord has to deal with after their tenant moves out is defining wear and tear vs. damage.

Not every tenant will damage leave their property in a damaged state after they move out but, most tenants may leave the property with some wear and tear.

The most important thing to do is determine if the state of the rental property after the tenant moved out can be defined as damage, or normal wear and tear.

In this article, we will answer this question and offer you tips on how to define the state of your rental property after your tenant has moved out.

Acceptable Wear And Tear

During the process of walking through your Portland Oregon rental property after your tenant has moved out, you should be looking for examples of normal wear and tear including:

  • Faded paint
  • Loose wallpaper
  • Broken or tangled blinds
  • Carpet that’s worn or dirty
  • Scuffed floors
  • Dirt built up on windows

Ideally, anything in the rental property that can be reasonably fixed, or cleaned, is an example of reasonable wear and tear.

In today’s world, many tenants will go out of their way to clean the Oregon rental property before moving out, but in those cases where wear and tear are obvious, you can deduct the cost of repairs from the tenant’s security deposit.

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How To Know When A Property Is Damaged

Now that you know how to define wear and tear in your rental property, here’s how you can determine if a property has been damaged and needs repair.

  • Holes in the walls, doors, or windows of the property.
  • Scratches or stains on kitchen or bathroom counters
  • Broken appliances
  • Stains on flooring
  • Flea infestations
  • Pet scratches on walls or floors

Hiring a property manager is the best way to determine that the most qualified tenants are screened and placed at your rental property.

Besides tenant placement, a Portland Property Management Company will also handle all aspects of day-to-day management so you don’t have to.

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