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3 Areas In Your Portland Oregon Rental Property That Need To Be More Accessible

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3 Areas In Your Portland Oregon Rental Property That Need To Be More Accessible

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Rental property accessibility is more important than ever before because it’s not uncommon in the 2020’s people of all ages including the elderly, and people with disabilities, to be renting, and your job as a landlord is to make your property more accessible to those renters.

Thankfully, you can accomplish the goal of making your property more accessible by focusing on improving the accessibility in these three areas of your Portland Oregon rental property.

Tip #1 – Flooring

To make your rental property easy and efficient for every renter to navigate, you should focus on choosing flooring that’s sturdy and easy to navigate, even for people who may be using walkers or canes.

The accessible flooring to invest in is laminate because it’s cost-effective and easy to keep clean but if you want to add carpeting to your property, it’s best to choose low pile carpeting because it won’t snag easily on wheelchairs, canes or walkers.

Tip #2 – Doorways

The doorways in your rental Oregon property should be wider and easier for anyone to easily enter the property, or bedrooms inside the home, even if they are using a walker or wheelchair.

Tip #3 – Bathrooms

Last of all, but most important, the bathrooms inside your property should also be able to easily accommodate disabled tenants. This means you should consider adding a walk-in tub or shower that contains a lower threshold and choosing a taller toilet because most commercially available toilets are smaller and not as convenient for elderly or disabled people to use.

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