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Property Management and Tenant Placement


Proven strategies that help landlords avoid evictions

Eviction is one of the one thing that every landlord wants to avoid but the sad thing is that in the 2020’s, more landlords are having to deal with evictions than ever before, especially since Covid-19 and the end of eviction protections in Oregon. Thankfully, despite the challenges in the rental market, eviction can be…
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beaverton landlords

Common Plumbing Issues That Beaverton Landlords Must Be Aware Of

Plumbing is one of the biggest maintenance problems that Beaverton landlords face and these problems can range from mild to extreme. Thankfully, landlords in Beaverton can be prepared for plumbing issues before they arise by preparing in advance for those issues before they occur. Common Plumbing Issues Beaverton Landlords Should Watch For Clogged Drains –…
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What To Do When Your Tenant Wants A Roommate

One common thing that you can expect to encounter while you own rental properties in Portland is a tenant who wants to have a roommate. Roommates are becoming more common since the Pandemic because many tenants have been unable to pay their rent due to Covid-19, lockdowns, or job losses and have found that having…
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Oregon Landlord Responsibility and Rights 2021-2022

The Portland rental market has changed dramatically in the last 18 months and it’s more important than ever before for landlords to know their responsibilities and rights. Thankfully, in this article we will provide you with a breakdown of the top landlord responsbility and rights for 2021-2022 so that you can be prepared to grow…
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What Are The Late Fees And Grace Period Laws In Oregon That Landlords Must Know?

Are you planning on investing in rental properties in Oregon? If so, there are a variety of late fees and grace period laws in Oregon that landlords must know. Before investing in your first rental property in Portland, or elsewhere in Oregon, here is a breakdown of the top late fees and grace period laws…
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Landlord Retaliation

What Is Landlord Retaliation? How To Deal With It At Your Portland Rental Property

Have you been the victim of landlord retaliation at your Portland Oregon Rental Property? If so, you’re not alone. Landlord retaliation typically happens when a landlord takes action against their tenant for reporting their rental property because the landlord failed to fix issues which made the property unsafe or not habitable. Some of the most…
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What a landlord cannot do in Oregon – Learn More Here

There’s no doubt that owning rental property is an excellent way to build wealth while establishing passive income but when it comes to being a owner landlord, there are a variety of things that an owner can and cannot do. In this article we will offer you some tips on what a landlord cannot do…
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