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Property Management and Tenant Placement




Getting started the right way with Property Inspections and your new tenants is extremely important.

Our inspection process helps us make sure we have the right tenant for your home.


First Year

1st inspection – We do a detailed move-in inspection when the tenant moves in to document the condition of the property, we make notes on any problems and take approximately 200 photos to record the exact condition. This gives us the information we need when your tenant moves out, you cant argue with photos.

2nd inspection – we do our 2nd inspection approximately 3 to 4 months after the tenant moves in. This inspection lets us know how the tenant is caring for the home, is everything good or does the tenant need to be put on our naughty list.

If we see problems, we follow up with violation letters and additional inspections.

3rd Inspection. – We do our 3rd inspection prior to renewing the tenants lease for another year.


2nd Year

If all our inspections went well and we decided to renew the tenant for another year we typically will only do one inspection each year at this point.

Although If we see any problems we will increase the amount of inspections until we are sure the problem is rectified. If this happens, we will keep a close watch for future problems.


Request Additional Inspection!  – Don’t forget you can also request that we do an additional inspection anytime at no additional cost.


You can feel confident we are keeping a close eye on your property!






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