Owner Spotlight – Fred Marlow – Principal Broker And Owner

Our experienced Portland property management team is responsive, accessible, and effective.

Owner Spotlight – Fred Marlow – Principal Broker And Owner

Are you searching for the best property management team in Portland Oregon? If so, there’s nobody better to work with than Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, and Fred Marlow.

With over 30 years of real estate experience in the Portland Oregon Real Estate market, Fred certainly knows the local market better than anyone. He’s been able to use his decades of experience to grow the company into the top property management firm that it is today.

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Portland Oregon Rental Market

About Fred Marlow

After having a long, successful career in residential real estate, Fred sensed opportunity after the real estate market crashed in 2010 when he saw that most homeowners who wanted to sell their single-family homes were unable to do so.

Fred started the company to help those frustrated homeowners avoid foreclosure by turning their homes into profitable rental properties.

10 years later, Fred and his team manage a diverse portfolio of rental properties across Portland which include town homes, condos, apartments and single-family homes.

His personal goal with every new client is to keep the process of renting real estate simple, while using the latest technology to get his client’s properties rented fast and efficiently.

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What to Expect When Working with Fred And His Property Management Team

From the moment that you contact Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, you can count on Fred and his property team to handle every aspect of property management for you from A to Z.

Some of the property management services that you can expect include tenant selection, rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting and so much more!

Contact Rent Portland Homes – Professionals

At Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, Fred Marlow, and his property management team will help you with sourcing, acquiring and managing your investment properties.

To learn more about the property management services that the Rent Portland Homes – Professionals team can offer you contact today by calling (503) 516-2648 or click here to connect with us online.