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Property Management and Tenant Placement


Rent Collection

  • Getting paid is easy.
  • We collect the rent, pay expenses, and deposit the profits directly into your bank account every month, on time.
  • You can – Breathe Easy, once your tenant pays their rent, we will schedule your payment every month no later than the 10th of each month.

Financial Reporting

  • Rent Portland Homes Professionals will send you an owners income and expense statement every month
  • At the end of the year we send you a full year-to-date owners cash flow statement
  • A 1099-MISC form is filed with the IRS and a copy is sent to you for your taxes

Additional Benefits

  • You will have access to your Owner Portal,
  • You can find a copy of every invoice and bill paid through your portal.
  • Send money for projects, repairs or increase your repair reserve online.
  • Submit requests directly to your Property Manager online


Bella Wahabzada Accounting Manager


At Rent Portland Homes Professionals we take pride in hiring the best people to be a part of our property management team. Bella our accounting manager is available to help you with all your accounting and financial reporting needs.

About Bella Wahabzada

After graduating from Cal State East Bay in 2012, with a degree in accounting, Bella worked in various industries as an accountant, including Anthem Memory Care, before she joined the Rent Portland Homes Professionals team two years ago.

What’s great about having Bella as a part of our team is that she has a passion for accounting and can be counted on to provide accurate accounting, unique charts, periodic reports and information on specific property transactions so that our owners are always up to date regarding what’s happening with their investment properties.

Having a property management team with an expert accountant is an asset for owners because it will give them peace of mind in knowing that accurate financial records will always be available for their investment properties when they need them.


Contact Bella any time at our office – 503-646-9664