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Portland Oregon Ranks Among Top 10 Best Metro Areas for Millennials

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Portland Oregon Ranks Among Top 10 Best Metro Areas for Millennials

Are you planning a move soon? Thanks to a recent study by Commercial Cafe, you will be pleased to know that Portland has ranked among the top 10 preferred mero areas for Millennials.

It’s understandable why Millennials prefer Portland Oregon because this area offers a wide variety of fun things to do including a thriving nightlife, plenty of great bars, restaurants and more!

What’s best of all is that Portland has also become a top destination for major technology companies like Google who want to have a “presence” in the PDX area. This has also attracted Millennials from across the United States who want to work in technology without having to relocate to the Bay Area or Seattle.

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About the Study

The hand wringing over the latest exploits, likes, and dislikes of millennials has become somewhat of a national sport. Some of the observations are the result of generational rivalry rather than insights into wide-ranging trends. Still, it’s essential to recognize that—given their sheer numbers—anything millennials do is likely to have a significant influence on the daily lives of Americans.

Millennials currently make up the largest segment of the U.S. labor force. As such, any migration patterns—whether between rural and urban areas, downtown and suburbia, or metro-to-metro—will boost the talent pool of those on the winning side. COMMERCIAL Café set out to determine the most attractive metro areas for this age group, by measuring performance across seven indicators:

  • Millennial population growth between 2014-2018
  • The proportion of millennials in the overall population
  • Regional price parity
  • Millennial unemployment rate
  • Percentage of millennials in the labor force, with a bachelor’s degree
  • Percentage of millennials with employer-based health insurance
  • Commuting times

This research focuses on demographic and economic metrics but also recognizes that several other factors contribute to the perceived quality of life in each location. For instance, a wide array of personal preferences can greatly influence an individual’s choice of living in a particular metropolitan area, such as the climate, geography, urban density, air quality, public transportation options, the local food, entertainment, and sporting scene.

Source – Commercial Cafe 

Things to Do Before Relocating the Portland Area

If you’re planning a move to the Portland Oregon area, one of the very best things that you can do before moving here is to visit the area to see everything that it has to offer you.

What’s especially important is choosing the right neighborhood to live in because the PDX area offers us 5 different regions to choose from and each neighborhood offers something different for prospective residents.

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Which Portland neighborhood should you live in?

Portland is a very diverse city offering various lifestyles.  Check out this article on which Portland neighborhood you should live in.  Whether you are an urbanite who prefer fast-paced city life or you’d rather live in a two-acre farm in a rural setting, Portland has it.  Yes, we are still talking about the City of Portland. 

Portland also has places for you if you are into living in a forest or in a floating house on Columbia or Willamette River.  The article in the link above talks about various neighborhoods you should live in depending on five categories.  Within those categories, it also lists different neighborhoods based on your taste and preference in life.  The categories are below.

  1. Urbanites who prefer city life
  2. Urbanites who like laid back residential lifestyle
  3. Suburbanites who prefer a quiet and peaceful lifestyle
  4. River folks who like yachting, fishing or living in a floating home
  5. Rural folks who happen to live in the City of Portland

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East Side vs. West Side

Moving to the east side vs. the west side of Portland is a common decision many Portlanders make.  The east side and the west side of Portland are so different and offer different lifestyles and housing options. 

Regardless of age levels, some prefer the east side over the west side and vice versa.  Generally speaking, the east side is more urban, offering a lot of entertainment and city life on predictably laid out streets.  The west side is more peaceful and family-friendly with great school districts. 

There is also a consideration for older housing communities vs. new communities.  How do you know which side of the town you will be happier living in?  What kind of housing options are there if you are a home buyer? 

Source – PDX Listed 

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