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Oregon’s Zoning Laws Are Changing – More Types Of ADU’s Are Now Allowed Statewide

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Oregon’s Zoning Laws Are Changing – More Types Of ADU’s Are Now Allowed Statewide

accessory dwelling unit

Accessory dwelling units have been allowed in Portland since 1996 but for other cities statewide, there hasn’t been widespread acceptance of ADU’s.

Thanks to recent zoning law changes, we could soon multiple ADU’s on properties that were typically zoned for just single family homes.

Oregon homeowners will be allowed to have two ADU’s in their backyards that can be used as rental properties and what’s more important of all, these tiny homes will be a step in the right direction towards solving the housing crisis.

accessory dwelling unit

Accessory Dwelling Units And The Changing Face Of Housing

In the past, homes with large front yards and back yards were expected across Oregon, and the United States, but as the need for affordable housing has grown, homes with large yard will become a thing od the past.

Smaller dwellings also let owners receive rent to help offset mortgage payments. But additions to an existing property will result in a property tax increase.

The City of Portland has been waiving expensive system development fees to owners who agree to not use an ADU as a short-term rental for 10 years.

Although affordable one- or two-bedroom urban homes are in demand, critics don’t like ADUs’ added density and parking issues as well as the decrease in gardens, trees and creature habitats. Privacy can be intruded upon when windows look into a neighbor’s house or backyard.

Recognizing these concerns, Portland’s rules on setbacks, height and lot coverage that apply to single-family houses also apply to properties with ADUs.

The city of Portland issued 600 ADU permits a year in 2017 and 2018 and about 300 permits a year in 2019 and 2020, he said.

Peterson predicts there could be a slight increase in applications to build two ADUs by homeowners and developers.

“It’s fair to say there won’t be dramatic changes to the architectural fabric [because of House Bill 2001], but over 100 years there will be more smaller, more affordable houses than if we continued” as before, said Peterson.

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