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Portland Oregon Is One Of The Top 10 Cities To Own An Electric Vehicle

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Portland Oregon Is One Of The Top 10 Cities To Own An Electric Vehicle


Thanks to a recent survey by STORAGE Café, we know that Portland Oregon is ranked as one of the top 10 cities in the United States to own an electric vehicle.

This is good news because more people are purchasing electric vehicles every year and are moving beyond fossil fuels.

Portland has worked hard to make the city friendly to EV owners and some energy providers, including Portland General Electric, are offering customers discounted rates when they charge their vehicles overnight in the PDX area.

City leaders have spent decades creating a city that has a focus on green living and thanks to their hard work, those efforts are paying off.

Besides being a top spot in the United States for electric vehicles, Portland also ranks high nationally for having a high number of public transport vehicles that are powered by renewable energy.

1.8 Million Electric Vehicles Were Registered In 2020

As many as 1.8M electric vehicles were registered in the US in 2020, with consumer interest constantly on the rise. But universal EV implementation faces a few hurdles before going mainstream. The so-called “range anxiety” is one of them, and it refers to uncertain EV endurance on long-distance trips and also the lack of infrastructure that can help support a recharge in between big cities. Price can also be significantly off-putting for many potential buyers, even though studies show driving an EV is more cost effective in the long run. Federal, state and local incentives can indeed help cushion the price for the general consumer, but an EV is still costly when compared to a regular car.

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Statewide, Oregon had 36,608 registered electric vehicles, and 2,033 public chargers, in 860 locations. Seven charging networks operate across Oregon, and this means that our state ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to plug-in vehicles per capita.


In Portland, there are 20 EV charging stations to choose from, this means that regardless of where someone works in the PDX area, they can easily charge their vehicle before traveling home.

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