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Oregon Rental Market News – Governor Brown Calls Special Session To Prevent Evictions This Winter

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Oregon Rental Market News – Governor Brown Calls Special Session To Prevent Evictions This Winter


With most of the $289 million in Federal aid having been spent or allocated, Governor Brown has called a special session (December 13th) which will discuss possible solutions for preventing evictions this winter.

One reason behind calling the special session is that the State of Oregon is going to stop accepting rental assistance applications until the middle of January 2022, so it’s possible that many people could end up homeless if the state doesn’t discuss eviction alternatives.

What Solutions Can Oregon Landlords And Tenants Expect?

During a meeting with local health care, housing, and labor organizations from Portland to Bend, the Governor stipulated that any possible eviction protections would apply to tenants who have already applied for rental assistance.

The Governor also said that close to $90 million would be paid out in additional rental assistance to low-income tenants this winter, and to landlords who have been waiting to see payments come in from the State which will help them to get back on track financially after the Oregon eviction moratorium.


Payments To Landlords Could Be Delayed

Deborah Imse, the director of Multifamily NW, which represents housing providers, said that organization didn’t support a special session because it would delay payments to landlords.

“For more than 18 months, thousands of housing providers across Oregon have gone without income,” Imse said. “The state needs to uphold their end of the deal and cut the checks to Oregonians in need.”

Donovan Smith, spokesperson for the Oregon renter’s rights group Community Alliance of Tenants, said the organization is pleased the governor has taken some action to prevent further evictions.

But he said the renter’s rights organization has been pushing not only for an extension of the eviction’s moratorium but also major protections for all tenants — not just the ones who have applied for rental assistance. The organization presented its demands at a meeting with Brown earlier this month. The proposal included providing compensation to evicted tenants to cover the cost of moving and other losses and a moratorium on evictions until June 2023.

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