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Oregon Landlord-Tenant Law Carpet Replacement

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Oregon Landlord-Tenant Law Carpet Replacement

Oregon Landlord-Tenant Law Carpet Replacement


Are you searching for information on Oregon landlord-tenant law, and carpet replacement? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Carpet replacement can be a very contentious issue for both landlords and tenants because no tenant likes to live in a rental property that has carpeting which should have been replaced a long time ago, and some landlords are hesitant to replace carpeting because of the expense.

What Does The Law Have To Save About Carpet Replacement?

Landlords in Oregon are not required to replace the carpeting in their rental properties unless the quality or condition of the carpeting affects the habitability of the property.

Every landlord in Oregon must comply with the implied warranty of habitability. This means that they must ensure that their rental property has a working HVAC, or a central heating system, water heater, and appliances that the tenant needs to enjoy a safe and habitable rental property.

Besides having working appliances like a functional heater, and water heater, a rental property in Oregon must also be sealed from the elements, have a working electrical system, and a roof that keeps the tenants dry from rain and snowfall.

If a landlord does not comply with the implied warranty of habitability, a tenant is within their rights to repair and deduct, or withhold rent, until the landlord starts making the necessary repairs to ensure that the rental property can be considered to be habitable.

Can a tenant be held liable for the condition of the carpeting, or flooring in a rental property after they move out? Tenants can be charged for damages to the carpeting that goes beyond normal wear and tear.

Normal wear and tear are foot traffic or anything that would naturally occur to carpeting during the time that a tenant living there.

Let’s say that carpeting is found to have large oil stains on it because a tenant fixes their motorcycle inside the rental property, or the carpeting has burn stains from cigarette butts, these are not signing of normal wear and tear and the landlord has every right to charge their tenant for additional damage to the carpet in their rental property.

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When Should Landlords Replace Carpeting?

As with anything in a rental property, carpeting will eventually come to the end of its lifespan, especially if the rental property has been occupied with a tenant during the time that carpeting was in the property.

Landlords should consider replacing the carpeting in their rental properties at least every 7 years. This will help to protect the value of the landlord’s investment in their property while also ensuring that their tenants have a high-quality place to live.

Since many tenants don’t prefer to have carpeting in their entire rental property, landlords should consider utilizing a 50/50 approach when it comes to applying flooring in rental properties. This means laying carpeting in the bedrooms while laying vinyl flooring, tile, hardwood, or another type of flooring elsewhere in the rental property.

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