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Coronavirus Highlights the Importance of Property Management in The Rental Market

Property Management and Tenant Placement

Coronavirus Highlights the Importance of Property Management in The Rental Market

Coronavirus has kept the Portland area, and most of the world, locked down for about 2-3 months now and besides shaking up the economy, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of property management in the rental market.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a property manager to professionally manage one or all of your investment properties, this article will provide you with several reasons why property management is important especially during the current pandemic.

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Property Managers Use Advanced Technology

Let’s face it, in the current Portland rental market it’s pretty difficult managing rental properties because we are all under the stay at home order so you can’t leave your house to manage your rentals.

Thankfully, when you hire a property management company like Rent Portland Homes – Professionals, you can count on us to use the latest technology to manage your investment properties.

Some of the latest technology that we use include:

Rently – The Rently Keyless smart home is the only smart home with integrated Rently Self-Touring technology. Automate touring with keyless entry locks connected to a cellular smart home.

With the Rently self-touring technology, a prospective renter can tour a vacant unit without the presence of an agent. Prospects can register for a self-tour online. Rently has a 6-layer advanced security system that vets a prospect’s ID, Selfie, Credit Card and performs an AI-powered fraud detection screening. Once approved, the prospective renter will receive a one-time entry code to gain access to the community and available unit.

Our team at Rent Portland Homes – Professionals knows when a prospective tenant enters and exits a property so there’s never a question about if they show up or not and this helps us to follow self-distancing guidelines while still showing properties.

Online Owners Portal – Another benefit that comes from working with our team is that we also have an online portal that enables our owners to view everything about their rental properties online including accounting information so that owners always have the information they need at their fingertips.

Besides our use of Rently, and our owner’s portal, we also utilize advanced online marketing. This enables us to make sure that our client’s rental properties are listed everywhere online and highly visible to the most qualified tenants possible.

Once it comes time to screen tenants, we also utilize the most online tenant screening tools so that we can have all of the information about a potential tenant in real-time and screen then place the most qualified tenants possible.

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Property management will save you the time and money of managing your rental property yourself. To learn more about the property management services we can offer you contact us today by calling (503) 447-7735 or click here to connect with us online.