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What’s The Number One Way To Keep Your Portland Oregon Tenants Happy In 2021?

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What’s The Number One Way To Keep Your Portland Oregon Tenants Happy In 2021?


One of the keys to success with owning Portland rental properties is keeping your tenants happy because happy tenants also pay their rent on time, and keep their properties in good condition.

The big question is what’s the best method for keeping tenants happy?

The answer is rental property maintenance.

When a landlord listens to their tenant and handles every maintenance request on time, and correctly, the landlord can have confidence that they are doing the best thing that they can do to keep their tenants happy.

Why Maintenance Is So Important To Tenants

Let’s face it, every tenant likes to live in a rental property in Portland that’s well maintained because it shows the tenant that the landlord is taking the time to care for their property, instead of ignoring maintenance, or making excuses for why they are not taking care of it.

No tenant likes to live in a rental property that has broken appliances, damaged floors, or other parts of the property that are constantly breaking down.

Any PDX landlord who takes the time to repair their property can have confidence that they are doing their part to keep their property in great shape while showing tenants that they care about their business and want to continue to earn their business for years to come.

When Should Maintenance Be Done?

Besides the practical benefit, maintenance is also an important part of tenant happiness because it offers landlords an extra opportunity to connect with tenants that they might not get during a typical 12-month lease.

Focusing on maintenance is also beneficial for landlords as well because it allows landlords to enter their rental properties more than once a year and ensure that tenants are keeping their rental properties in excellent condition.

By default, maintenance should be done at a rental property every six months to ensure that the property remains in great shape.

If a Portland landlord isn’t contacted by their tenant before the six-month mark is up, they should reach out to their tenants to schedule a proactive maintenance appointment instead of waiting for a call to alert them that something in the property needs to be fixed.

Contact Rent Portland Homes Professionals For Top Tier Maintenance Service

At Rent Portland Homes Professionals, we only work with licensed and bonded contractors, this will give you confidence that every repair on your rental property is guaranteed.

Our company also has a 24-7 maintenance hotline plus a convenient online portal for tenants to submit their maintenance requests.

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