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What to Do When A Tenant Leaves Their Things Behind at Your Portland Rental Property

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What to Do When A Tenant Leaves Their Things Behind at Your Portland Rental Property

During the years that you own Portland Rental Property, you may have at least one tenant who leaves some of their things behind after they move out.

Sadly, this is something that does happen when you own rental properties, the big question though is how should you handle this situation?

In this article, we will provide you with several tips on what you should do after your tenant leaves things behind in your rental property.

Tip #1 – How Did Your Tenant Leave?

Before taking stock of what your tenant may have left behind in your Portland Rental Property, it’s important to review why they left because this also may affect how you can dispose of the things that they left behind:

Termination Notice – If you served your former tenant with a termination notice, you have more rights to dispose of the personal property that they left behind because the former tenant had ample time to remove their belongings from the rental after receiving the termination notice. 

Eviction – Let’s say that you evicted your tenant, in this case it’s best to consult with the local Police department, or a property manager, to determine how you can dispose of the items that belong to them. 

Disappearance – Sadly, in some cases, a tenant may “disappear” and leave their personal property behind. If this happens to you, you should place their belongings in storage then contact one of their personal references to arrange pickup of their items.

Tip #2 – Determine Which Items Belong in Your Property and What Belongs to Your Tenant

Let’s say that you partially furnished your rental property before your last tenant moved in. If this is the case, you should take inventory of what was left in the property to determine the items that actually belong in the rental and what belongs to your former tenant.

Tip #3 – Remove All Trash from The Rental

During the process of determining what items were left behind by your former tenant, you should also remove any obvious trash that remains in the rental property. This step is important because you don’t want to leave any trash or garbage that might serve as a “calling card” to animals or critters who might be interested in visiting your property.

Tip #4 – Place Your Former Tenants Belongings in Storage

After determining the items that were left behind by your former tenant, you should place their items in storage for a period of time then send them a notice and give them the opportunity to collect their belongings. CLICK HERE for details.

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