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What Are The Best Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Portland Rental Property?

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What Are The Best Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Portland Rental Property?

Summer is here in the Portland area and even though we’re not technically in a drought, having drought tolerant plants certainly helps when you have a rental property because it means that your tenants will have to do less work to keep the landscape watered.

In this article we will provide you with a list of drought tolerant plants that you should consider planting at your PDX rental property.

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Best Drought Tolerant Plants


While aloes thrive in hot and dry climates (hence, their drought tolerance), they can be found growing in a variety of climates including coastal regions, grasslands, and alpine locations. During the summer months, most aloes require irrigation about every other week. In the winter, the combination of cooler temperatures (not freezing) and rainfall usually provides ample water for them to survive.

Beard Tongue

This Western native boasts more than 250 species that grow in deserts, on mountains and plains. Identifiable by narrow, bell-shaped, lipped flowers in bright reds, soft pink, peach, rose, lilac, salmon, dark purple, and white. They attract hummingbirds and bees. While considered drought tolerant, they require fast drainage and thrive in rock gardens. 

Fountain Grass

This popular ornamental grass originates from tropical Africa, southwestern Asia, and the Arabian Peninsula. Easily identifiable by its dense clump of medium green to dark purple foliate and long plumes of coppery pink or purplish “flowers” (that look like feathers). Fountain Grass will be darker and shinier with irrigation, although it doesn’t need any — hence, its popularity in dry climates. To discourage seeding, cut off blooms before seeds mature. Plus, the plant looks more tidy and healthy.


In mass plantings, lavender produces stunning spikes of bluish/purple (hence, the name, lavender) that bloom throughout the year, depending on where you live. Regular deadheading produces more frequent blooms, but flowers peak in the spring. Hailing from the Mediterranean, lavender is also known for its fragrance, which is said to promote sleep.

Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines are drought tolerant flowering vines that attract hummingbirds. Bloom time depends on region, but can be anywhere from early spring (warmer climates) to mid-fall. Colors include orange, red, salmon, coral, yellow-orange, orange and yellow. Plants can live for decades, dying back each winter and blooming in early spring.

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