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Tips For Preparing Your Oregon Rental Property For Fire Season

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Tips For Preparing Your Oregon Rental Property For Fire Season

fire season

Fire season is officially here in the state of Oregon, as fires have been popping up in every city across the state from Eastern Oregon to the Coast.

As we saw in 2020, no property in the state of Oregon is immune to fire; this is why it’s more important than ever before that every landlord in to take the steps that they need to take to get their rental properties ready for Fire season.

Fire Season Preparation Tips

One of the most important things that landlords should do to get their properties ready for fire season is to clear any combustible materials like dried leaves, or pine needles, at least 30ft away from their property.

Besides removing combustible materials, any tree limbs that are 15 FT, or closer to the ground, should be trimmed as well. Doing this will prevent fire from spreading to the tree line on the property, and eventually to the roof of the home as well.

Once combustible materials and vegetation are trimmed or away from the property, another thing that must be done is to remove any flammable lawn furniture from the property as well like one chairs, tables or any decor that can easily catch fire.

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Invest In Non-Flammable Landscaping 

Even though non-flammable Decor like desert scaping is not as visually appealing as a lush, green landscape; the reality is that non-flammable landscaping is by far one of the most practical forms of Landscaping that any Oregon property owner can have for their primary home, or rental property. 

Besides being practical, non-flammable landscaping is also cost effective since it will lower the monthly water and electricity costs that it takes to keep the property green during the summer months. 

Make Sure Tenants Have An Exit Plan

Last of all, but most important, besides taking care of the Oregon property itself, landlords should also check in with their tenants to make sure that they have an exit plan, should fire strike the area where the rental property is located.

Tenants should know the easiest route out of the property, and away from the area, so that they don’t get stuck in traffic when fire is Raging.


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