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Should You Let Your Tenants Have Grills This Summer?

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Should You Let Your Tenants Have Grills This Summer?


Summer 2022 is around the corner and with the start of summer also comes grilling season.

Grilling seasons can last through November since grilling and football are also two things that most people like to do during the year.

The big question is should you allow grills at your rental property? In this article, we will answer that question and offer you some insight into if you should allow grills at your property or not.

A Timeless Classic That Can Also Be Deadly

Let’s the fact it, grilling is a fun activity that most people enjoy but the reality is that grilling can also be deadly.

Thanks to data from the National Fire Protection Association, we know that grilling is responsible for close to 10,000 home fires every year.

Grilling Is Responsible For 20,000 Injuries Each Year

What’s even more shocking is that close to 20,000 people wind up in the emergency room each year due to grilling-related injuries.

Sadly, the majority of accidents and injuries from grilling come from using propane and gas grills, the most commonly available grills nationwide.

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Landlords Should Think Twice Before Allowing Grills At Their Properties

The safety hazard that gas and propane grills pose is one reason why it’s in the best interest of landlords to not allow grills at their rental properties.

If a landlord chooses to allow grilling, they should stipulate that the grill should be electric, since these grills don’t have an open flame.

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