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Renter Tips – What’s The Commute Like In Portland Oregon?

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Renter Tips – What’s The Commute Like In Portland Oregon?

The Portland Oregon area is one of the best cities to live but the big question is what’s the commute like here if you’ve never worked in the PDX area before?

Thanks to data from Commercial Café we know that since 2008 the average commute time in Portland has increased by about 5 minutes from 49.4 minutes to 54 minutes. Although 5 minutes isn’t much of a difference, that’s close to an extra 19 hours that you may spend in traffic per year.

How To Navigate The PDX Commute

One of the best things that you can do to navigate the Portland Oregon commute is to leave early for your destination, especially if you plan on leaving in the morning because with rush hour traffic it’s possible that you might be delayed so it’s smart to give yourself plenty of time to get there, especially if you’re commuting to work.

Besides leaving early, you should also plan multiple routes to your destination just so if one road is closed or slowing, you can easily take another route and get to your destination on time and safely.

Thanks to GPS and maps programs it’s possible to have access to an endless supply of routing data that you can turn to at a moments notice but it’s always best to plan your route in advance just so you don’t get caught up with looking at your electronic device during your commute and into an accident.

Last of all, during the winter months be sure to always have a go back of winter supplies in your vehicles with windshield scrapper, chains, blanket and warm winter gear because it’s possible that you may get caught in the snow and have to dig your vehicle out or wait for help to arrive.

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