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Rental Property Marketing – Tips for Marketing Your Properties Online

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Rental Property Marketing – Tips for Marketing Your Properties Online

It’s the 21st Century and the days of marketing rental properties just in the newspaper are long gone.

Thanks to the internet, every owner should be marketing their listings online because that’s the first place that tenants will look for rental properties in Portland. Especially Millennials, who will be looking for rentals online and if they are going to college, they will be interested in viewing properties that are close to campus.

If you’re a “newbie” at property marketing or are searching for tips, this article will provide you with a refresher course on rental property marketing.

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Tip #1 – It All Starts with Fresh Pictures and Video

It doesn’t matter if you have pictures of your property on your phone that you took 5 years ago, you shouldn’t hesitate to take new pictures and video of your rental property each time it comes up for rent.

Ideally, you should be using a real camera for taking those pictures and videos but if you have a new phone like an iPhone 11, that should work great as well.

When taking pictures and video of your Portland Rental make sure that it’s clean and in excellent condition because any poor maintenance will show up and just make your rental property look scary.

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Tip #2 – Have A Digital Rental Application Ready

Before you start marketing your rental property online you should have a digital application ready that you can send to a prospective tenant at a moment notice. The easiest thing to do is to save your current application as a.PDF file then you can easily send it out to anyone who requests it instead of having them drive to your home or office for an application.

Tip – If you don’t know how to save your application as a.PDF, the easy thing to do is to use Google to search for “Word to PDF” since there are websites online that you can use to convert your Word Doc to.PDF for free.

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Tip #3 – Write A Great Advertisement

Last of all, but most important, you should take the time to write a great advertisement for your rental property. This advertisement shouldn’t include any buzz-worthy words like “cute” or “vintage” because anyone who reads those words will think that your rental property is small or old.

Instead of using the wrong words, focus on writing about what your rental property offers prospective tenants like 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 800 square feet or a great location that’s close to shops, bars, nightlife or schools.

When you focus on what your property offers, you’re going to attract qualified tenants and have a better experience overall when renting your Portland Oregon Rental Property.

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