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Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium Has Been Extended But How Is It Affecting Landlords?

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Oregon’s Eviction Moratorium Has Been Extended But How Is It Affecting Landlords?

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As we enter the fourth month of the coronavirus pandemic, eviction moratoriums across the United States including Oregon’s have been extended until the end of September.

“We heard the calls from Oregonians who are struggling to afford rent, afraid of losing their home, or about to lose the small business they spent their life building,” said Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, the chief sponsor of the two bills. “Today we passed bills that will extend Oregon’s eviction moratorium, enact a repayment period for renters, and provide some basic protections against foreclosure.”

Should The Eviction Moratorium Have Been Extended?

There’s no doubt that the eviction moratorium was necessary during the early days of the pandemic because it kept potentially thousands of people off the streets, and it slowed the spread of Covid-19, but should it have been extended until the end of September?

Even though the eviction moratorium was necessary to protect renters, one common thing that we’ve seen in Portland, and across the United States, is that rent should be canceled, and landlords should be willing to just accept it and move on.

Sadly, one of the unforeseen consequences of the eviction moratorium is that it has adversely affected smaller mom-and-pop landlords in Portland who rely upon the income from their rental properties to fund their retirements and keep their properties updated.

With many landlords in the PDX area having been unable to collect rent for months, the stark reality is that unless more is done to help landlords in Portland, and across the United States in the coming months we could see a foreclosure and eviction wave hit the state at the same time.

Will The Eviction Moratorium Be Extended?

The State of Oregon’s move to extend the eviction moratorium echoes the same moves of other states including California, Nevada, and Arizona but the big question is will the eviction moratorium be extended again at the end of September, or will evictions be allowed to move forward?

There’s no denying that nobody wants to see me a wave of evictions happen in Oregon (or anywhere Nationwide) but the reality is that continuing to extend the eviction moratorium is essentially like kicking the can down the street, postponing a problem that we should deal with now.

Thankfully, landlords in Oregon and California have recently been challenging the eviction moratorium in the courts but they’ve also been facing pushback from state and local officials who are eager to continue protecting tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One thing is for certain, fall 2020 will certainly be a period in history that we are all going to remember for years to come because it’s the time in our country where everything is literally on the line.

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