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Online Rent Payments Continue To Dominate After The Pandemic

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Online Rent Payments Continue To Dominate After The Pandemic


As the country continues to return to normal following the Pandemic, one thing that will remain long after the days of face masks and lockdowns is online rent payments.

Online rent payments continue to be the preferred method of paying rent for tenants of all ages because of the simple fact that it’s easier for tenants to pay their rent online versus coming into an office to pay their rent.

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Many Options Available For Paying Rent Online

Thanks to the convenience of online rent payments, it’s now easier than ever before for anyone to pay their rent online.

As of 2022, there are more than 12 reliable payment portals online that tenants are using for paying their rents.

Some of the most popular property payment portals include Zelle, Apple Pay, PayPal, and AppFolio but as more payment portals come online every day, it’s in the best interest of landlords to make sure that their business is integrated with those new payment portals.

Offering tenants multiple ways to pay their rent eliminates excuses and guarantees that landlords will be able to offer their tenants the most convenient way for them to pay their rent.


Rent Payment System Vs. Payment Portal?

Should landlords choose a rent payment system vs. a payment portal?

The goal of the landlord should be to move their tenants to a rent payment system because a rent payment system like AppFolio makes it possible for the landlord to have a system that automatically calculates late fees, notifies them of missing payments, sends reminders, etc.

Landlords who are just starting may want to just offer a portal for collecting rent but in the long term, it’s in a landlord’s best interest to use a platform that’s designed just for rent collection.

Will Checks Ever Return As A Payment Method For Tenants?

Despite the popularity of online payment methods in 2022, the reality is that there are still many landlords that accept payment via check from their tenants.

Although checks are a time-tested method, they can be a gateway for fraud, and late payments so it’s in a landlord’s best interests to move their tenants to internet payments because they are also safer and more secure than check payments.

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