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Let Us Help You Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever as An Owner

Property Management and Tenant Placement

Let Us Help You Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever as An Owner

2020 is officially here and with the start of a new year many owners will be setting goals and mapping out their plans for the new year. How about you?

If you’re still managing your investment properties yourself, let us help you make 2020 your best year ever with our property management services.

When you hire Rent Portland Homes Professionals to professionally manage your rental properties you will have confidence that we’re going to provide you with the best property management services in the PDX area.

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What Services Can We Offer You?

Professional Property Marketing

From the moment that you choose us to professionally manage your rental property for you, you can expect us to take charge of the property marking so that you no longer have to market your rental property online yourself.

Unlike other property management companies, you can expect us to offer you a comprehensive online marketing plan which includes marking your rental property on our website and every major website on the internet where rental properties can be found.

Tenant Screening and Placement

After your rental property listing starts receiving interest from prospective tenants, our staff will start answering questions, conducting tours of your rental property, taking applications, doing background checks on potential tenants, and choosing the most qualified individuals(s) to live in your rental property.

Besides choosing the most qualified tenant to live in your rental property you can also count on us to handle the signing of the lease agreement, pre-inspection moves in, tenant questions and a wide variety of other issues that may pop up during the process of renting the property for a brand-new tenant.

Security Deposit Collection

Once we’ve screened the right tenant to live in your rental property, you can also count on us to professionally collect the security deposit for your rental property, hand over the keys to the rental and you can count on your new tenant to pay the rent on time for the next 12 months. 

Rent Collection

One of the most beneficial services that we can offer you as a property management company is rent collection. Our rent collection service will save you the time, money, and hassle of having to collect the rent from your tenants yourself.

What’s even better is that you can rest assured that the tenants that we place in your rental property will pay their rent on time on a monthly basis and we will deposit the funds into your account without you having to do any work to collect the rent.

Rent collection is one of the primary reasons why most owners choose a property manager to manage their rentals for them because it takes them out of the equation and ensures that the tenant will pay their rent on time and they will receive their rent payments like clockwork.

Customer Service

Another benefit that you will enjoy when you hire a property management company is customer service that will be available to your tenants 24-7 whenever they have a maintenance issue, question, or another reason for them contact us regarding the rental property.

This means that you no longer will have to take calls from tenants during all hours of the day or night, (especially on weekends or holidays).

You will actually have the opportunity to regain your life while still continuing to enjoy the benefits of owning real estate, passively.

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