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Landlord-Tenant Q&A – Are Nail Holes Normal Wear And Tear?

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Landlord-Tenant Q&A – Are Nail Holes Normal Wear And Tear?


During the process of landlord-tenant relationship, and owning (or renting) a Portland Oregon Rental property, it’s not uncommon for the question to be asked if nail holes are a normal part of wear and tear?

Even though it’s not uncommon for most tenants to hang artwork, posters, or pictures in their rental properties, that will require holes in the walls. The reality is that nail holes (or small holes) are a normal part of wear and tear and it’s the landlord’s responsibility to paint over them, along with minor scratches.

Large holes in the walls that require new sheetrock are not a normal part of wear and tear. In these cases, the landlord has the right to deduct the cost of replacing the sheetrock from the tenant’s security deposit.

Alternatives To Holes In The Walls

In today’s world, there are a wide variety of alternatives to using nails including Command hooks, the widely popular easy-to-use hook that just requires a sticky strip to adhere to any wall.

Besides Command Hooks, tenants are encouraged to use other ‘non-invasive methods for hanging items on their walls including two-sided tape, picture hanging strips, Velcro, Gel, and other adhesive products.

Creating holes in walls should always be a tenant’s last option because there are so many options that any renter can use to avoid damaging their rental property and possibly causing content with their landlord later on.


Tips For Landlords

Documentation is one of the keys to success for landlords because it’s going to eliminate ‘he-said, she-said moments, and ensure that both landlord and tenant are on the same page regarding the exact condition of the rental property at the time their tenant moves in.

Landlords should take HD pictures of their rental property before a tenant moves in plus shoot video that they can use in court later on (if needed) to prove that the tenant left their property in far worse condition after they moved out.

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