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Is Rent Collection Stressing You Out? It’s Time to Hire a Portland Oregon Property Manager

Property Management and Tenant Placement

Is Rent Collection Stressing You Out? It’s Time to Hire a Portland Oregon Property Manager

Property Management in Portland

Are you stressed out with rent collection? If so, it’s time for you to hire a Portland Oregon Property Manager.

At Rent Portland Homes Professionals, we help relieve owners of the stress that comes from managing rental properties so that they can focus on living their lives again.


About Our Rent Collection Services

Rent collection is a necessary part of owning a rental property. Thankfully, owners can relieve themselves of the stress of owning rental properties when they take themselves out of the picture and let us manage their rental properties for them.

With our team collecting the rent, an owner can have confidence that their Portland Oregon Property Manager has “got it covered” and will collect the rent on time each month then deposit the funds in their account or mail them a check.

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Full-Service Portland Oregon Property Management

Besides rent collection, we also specialize in tenant selection and placement, maintenance, customer service and so much more!

We make owning Portland Oregon Rental Properties easy! Thanks to our service, owners can add more rental properties to their portfolios of investment properties without the hassle of having to take on another rental that they will have to professionally manage themselves.

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Your Landlord-Tenant Experts

In today’s world, it’s more important for landlords and real estate investors to hire property managers because we’re also landlord-tenant experts who will save you the time, money and hassle of potentially getting entangled in a landlord-tenant dispute with one of your tenants.

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Provide You with Complete Financial Reporting

Hiring a property manager is great because we will save you time and money but another important benefit of having someone to manage your rentals is the benefit of complete financial reporting.

Our company will provide you with a complete accounting of all the property management services that we perform for you including cash flow statements, documentation of expenses and advice you on the best steps to take with the rental property that will preserve its value and earn you the highest ROI possible each month.

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