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How Landlords Can Show Properties While Following Social Distancing Rules

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How Landlords Can Show Properties While Following Social Distancing Rules

Are you an owner who wants to follow social distancing rules while still showing your Portland Oregon rental property at the same time? 

The reality is that even though the Portland area is still locked down, you can effectively show your rental property to prospective tenants by following these simple tips.

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Tip #1 – Create an Enhanced Online Property Listing

The first way to show your rental property in Portland during coronavirus is to increase the visibility of your property online. This means that instead of listing the property on one rental website, you should be listing it on multiple websites including Facebook, Zillow, Craigslist, and

Also, you should make your rental listing more interactive by including things like high-resolution photos of your rental property as well as a video tour so that potential renters who are interested in living there can essentially tour the property online before they visit in person.

If you plan on including a video tour with your rental listing, make sure that you use a professional camera with a tripod.

During the process of shooting the video, your goal should be to walk through each room of your rental property and narrate the videos as if you were talking to a friend. You should also be unmindful to point out the most notable features of your rental property including the size of the closets, windows, and anything else you think would be of interest to a potential renter.

Once you shoot the video, it’s best to upload it to a website like because YouTube offers enhanced video editing software that you can use to improve the quality of your video before you publish it.

After uploading a video to YouTube, and editing it, you can download the video from YouTube and syndicated across the internet on any other rental website where your property may be listed.

If a potential renter views your video and wants to learn more about the property before submitting a rental application, you may want to consider scheduling a virtual appointment with them online. This will enable you to follow sowalk them through your rental property using FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, while answering any questions that they may have about the rental property before they take the next step of visiting the property in person.

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Tip #2 – How to Show A Rental Property While Social Distancing 

After a potential renter watches your video online and is interested in learning more about the property, the next step for them is to fill out your rental application online and schedule an appointment to see the property in person.

Since Coronavirus, and social distancing rules, scheduling tours with potential tenants is where many owners find themselves at a loss right now because they don’t know how they could effectively show a rental property to a tenant while maintaining a 6-foot distance from them at the same time.

The good news is that there are solutions available that will enable landlords to show their rental properties without having to be there in person.

One solution that will enable you to show your rental property without having to be there in person is With Rently, a prospective tenant has to scan their driver’s license and enter their major credit card information. This protects an owner for up to $10,000 and will give them confidence that they are going to be protected financially should someone do damage to their property when touring it.

After a prospective tenant is approved to tour a rental property, the landlord will be notified and they will also be notified on a day that the individual arrives at self-tour the property, when they enter the property, and when they exit the property.

Rently makes showing a rental property easy for any landlord but most important of all, helps the landlord to avoid having contact with a potential tenant while stopping the spread of coronavirus at the same time.

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Tip #3 – Digital Paperwork and Payment

Last of all, after a potential tenant has self-toured the owner’s rental property, the next step is for the owner to process that tenants rental application online, do a background check, and if they choose to rent to that tenant, the good news is that the rental application, lease, and any other paperwork can be filled out online.

What’s even better is that tenants can also pay their rent and deposit online as well so that the new tenant doesn’t have to have any physical contact with the owner. This will also help to stop the spread of coronavirus and enable the owner to responsibly follow social distancing rules.

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