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Does DIY Property Management Cost You Money, Or Make You Money?

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Does DIY Property Management Cost You Money, Or Make You Money?

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Did you just purchase your first rental property in Portland Oregon? If so, you have officially started on the path as a landlord, and the future is bright because you’re going to earn passive monthly cashflow while building wealth.

As you’re just getting started with your first investment property, one of the biggest questions that you should ask yourself is if you are going to be managing your investment property yourself?

Even though hiring a property manager is a no-brainer for some owners, the reality is that in today’s world many investors struggle with the decision to hire a property manager because they don’t like having to pay a monthly fee for property management.

Sometimes an owner will think that they’re saving money every month by managing her property themselves when in reality their decision to be a DIY property manager is only costing them money.

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Don’t Fall For The DIY Property Management Trap

One of the biggest reasons why investors across the United States choose to not hire a property manager is because they think that DIY property management is going to save them money.

Yes, you may think that not having to pay a property manager every month is saving you money but, once you start getting calls from your tenants, you’re going to realize that the day-to-day tasks that come with owning and managing a Portland Oregon rental property is taking away your time that could be spent doing more productive things.

How A Property Manager Makes You Money

Let’s face it, in the real estate investment world time is money, and if you’re constantly focusing on all the day-to-day aspects that come with managing a rental property, you’re investing your time elsewhere when it should be focused on growing your portfolio of Portland investment properties.

When you hire a property manager, they are going to make you money from day one because, their specific goal is to focus on all the day-to-day aspects of property management including rent collection, maintenance, customer service, accounting, and more.

Instead of getting bogged down with all the issues that come from owning and managing a local rental property, you can focus on continuing with your primary occupation, or you can use the extra time in your day the focus on growing your portfolio of investment properties.

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