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Do Landlords Have to Provide Air Conditioning in Rental Properties?

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Do Landlords Have to Provide Air Conditioning in Rental Properties?

Now that summer is officially here in Portland Oregon, many renters may be wondering if it’s a landlord’s responsibility to provide air conditioning in their rental property and the answer to this question is no.

As of 2019, Oregon law states that it is not the landlord’s responsibility to provide air conditioning in a rental property. 

Landlords in Oregon are first and foremost responsible for keeping a rental property in habitable condition. This means that the rental has running water, heat, and electricity. The rental property must also be clean, have a non-leaking roof and also be free of any chemicals or potentially harmful materials that could affect our renter’s health.

Although landlords in Oregon are not required to provide air conditioning, landlords in some states are legally required to provide air conditioning and those states include Nevada, Arizona and some parts of Texas.

Tips for Keeping Your Rental Cool During the Summer

The good news about living in Oregon is that it does tend to stay cooler here during the summer months, especially in the Portland area but there are some days where temperatures can reach into the 80’s or 90’s.

If you live in a rental property, some of the best things that you can do to keep her rental cool during the summer months include: investing in thermal window coverings for all the rooms in your rental property and using portable fans or ceiling fans to distribute the air inside your rental property. 

Besides following the tips that we mentioned in this article, if your current rental property does have an air conditioner you should also remember that it’s your responsibility to change the air conditioner filter at least every 30 days during the summer months. This is a very important tip to follow because changing that filter regularly will help to ensure that the HVAC unit on your rental property can keep your rental cool and continue functioning at its optimal capacity.

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